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Colorado Café Scientifique in Denver

What is the Denver Café Scientifique? And what's Café Sci2?

The Café Scientifique idea started in England a few years ago, based on the French Café Philosophique. In the Café Scientifique, people (often science buffs) come together in a friendly pub after work and hear an informal (no PowerPoint!) introduction to an interesting current scientific topic, led by an expert. We take a short break for refreshments, to meet new people, and chat, and then we return for questions and answers and general discussion. All questions and comments are welcome, as this isn't a seminar, it's a chance for all of us to express an opinion, expert or otherwise.

The Denver Café began in November 2003, making in now the oldest in the Americas, one of the largest in the world, and, we modestly believe, the best.

And now, we have started Café Sci2! It's very much like Café Sci (the original) but will be on variable days of the week, at the sports restaurant Brooklyn's on Auraria Parkway just across from the Auraria Campus downtown. The organizer is Eric Meer, who is a science buff but not a scientist, so the original Café will offer a lot of help and encouragement. The first meeting of Café Sci2 was on 28 October 2010, and Timberley Roane of UCD spoke on microbes in the environment and in our bodies, and how delicate the balance is for their survival and well-being, and how we may be messing that up. And guess what: there were close to 150 people who showed up! Read more about Café Sci2.

Grady Booch, Chief Scientist at IBM, who spoke at the Café in 2004, wrote: "While I typically speak only to fellow geeks, this was absolutely the most refreshing encounter I've had in a very long time. It's wonderful to be among a group of such intelligent and diverse people who are passionate about pursuing knowledge and understanding." Dennis Van Gerven said of his talk: "I can honestly say I haven't had that much fun without losing consciousness in years!" Gene Abrams, who had to be convinced that Security would protect him from the angry mob if he tried to talk about mathematics, wrote: " In what ranks as one of the most satisfying and rewarding opportunities of my career, I had the privilege to share what I do with a group of tavern-goers who were thirsting for more than just the local microbrew." Dr. Connie Price described her talk about antibiotic-resistant MRSA as "Probably one of the most fun things I've done in my career."

Everyone is welcome!

We meet at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. We start at 6:30 PM in the large & comfortable first floor Mercantile Room and go to approximately 8:00 PM.

Because we get a large crowd (you may have to stand), it isn't practical to serve meals at the tables. We invite you to come early and get dinner in the regular restaurant, or wait until we're through (about 8 PM) and eat then. The Wynkoop's food is great! There is bar service throughout the session, and the Wynkoop people have generously offered to provide snacks for our guests.

Café Scientifique meetings are FREE. The Wynkoop is generously providing the facility; we buy our own food and drinks. Seating is limited, and the event is popular, so you may want to arrive around 6 PM to be sure of getting a seat.

PLEASE don't bring in chairs from the restaurant! It deprives the Wynkoop of its profits, and we don't want them to be unhappy with us!

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The Colorado Café Scientifique was organized by J. John Cohen and an informal group of President's Teaching Scholars and other faculty from CU and other institutions up and down the Front Range, as well as students, science types from industry and government, and science buffs. We welcome your input, including ideas for speakers and topics. Bring them with you to the next Café, or e-mail them and any questions to John Cohen.

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